Course and Trail Conditions

Start – 5k

Wicklow Town to Killoughter

A wide portion of the course on dune type grass/firm surface. This area is known as the Murrough.

5k – 10K

Killoughter to Newcastle

The trail narrows for this portion running parallel with the rail line. The surface remains firm with shorter sections of soft sandy trail.

You have now reached Newcastle and will shortly pass Newcastle Aerodrome.

10k – 14k

Newcastle to Kilcoole

Mixed terrain that will tire the legs. Soft sandy trail, stoney beach and coastal protection concrete slabs have all to be negotiated.

A thigh high stream crossing will also be negotiated (tide allowing closer to the event date).

14k – 18k

Kilcoole to Greystones.

Similar mixed terrain to the previous section. However expect more running on the large concrete coastal protection slabs.

The view of Bray Head in the distance is a reminder of the elevation you will gain over the next portion of the course.

18k – 19.5k

Greystones South to Cliff Trail

A short beach run gives way to the only non-trail portion of the course as you join the Greystones to Bray Head trail at Greystones Marina.

This is the beginning of the gain in elevation.

19k – 25k

Greystones to Bray

Firm trail surface mixed with coastal rock.

25k – 25.8k.

Lung and leg busting 400m of steep tree roots and 200m on rocky surface will bring you to the top of Bray Head

25.8k – 27.5k

Firm flowing trail before a sharp left onto a narrow loose surface.

27.5k – 28.5k

Good footing required for tired legs. Firm trail with loose rocks and a quick loss of the elevation gained before re-joining the Cliff walk once again.

28.5k – 30.8k

Re tracing your steps on this section feels completely different with the change of view. Firm flowing trail.

30.8k – 50.79k

Re tracing your steps on this section feels completely different with the change of view and the sight of Wicklow Head in the distance. Mixed trail surface.